The Area

The village of Ravadinovo is situated in a picturesque and interesting countryside with appropriate conditions for many types of tourism. It is close to lots of natural, architectural, cultural and historical sites.

Tourist destinations:

  • Natural Reserves and Protected Areas: St. Tomas (Snake island), Sand Lily, Ropotamo, St. Agalina cape, Alepu lagoon and sand dunes, Bakarlaka Hill, Kolokita cape, Murvatska river, St. Ivan island, St. Peter island, Stamopolu marsh
  • Fortresses and ruins: Akin, Apolonia, Burhama, Stronghold Lobodovo, Ranuli, Terra Hisarlaka, Sozopol South Fortress Wall and Tower
  • Seaside resorts: Sozopol, Santa Marina, Arkutino, Djuni, Chernomoretz, Primorsko
  • Activities: horse riding, kayaking, surfing, diving, mountain biking, hiking, fishing – both fresh water and sea, boat trips on Ropotamo river and Black sea


"Villa Ravadina is a great house with gorgeous flower garden and friendly owners!" Zoya Ilieva

"I recommend the Villa because of the cool owners, who manage to create the coziness of the domestic atmosphere and always make sure the guests are comfortable. The beautiful sites of Sozopol are just 2 minutes away, but the guests do not suffer the typical for the season crowdedness." Vesselin Stoyanov


"Ropotamo" street No32
Ravadinovo 8146, Municipality of Sozopol
0888 548 263 ; 0988 390 909
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